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Experience better health with interactive tools that help you manage your lifestyle, giving you personalised insights to achieve your health and fitness goals.

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Move From Sick Care to
Preventive Care

Over 70 in depth tests designed to detect diseases
before they strike. Results in 45 minutes! No stress, no
delay; the Healthlane way!

Body analysis

know your fat, muscle and bone mass and learn how these impact your overall health.

Heart Health

Reduce the risk of a heart failure by constant checking and adherence to recommended practices.

Diabetes check

Get scientifically proven information on managing diabetes and keeping blood sugar levels in check.


Protect yourself and your loved ones with important vaccinations that increase your immunity.

Kidney check

Keep your kidney in top shape. Detect the warning signs of kidney diseases before it’s too late.

Liver check

Understand how habits and lifestyle impact your liver, so that you make informed choices for a longer, healthier life.

Why Healthlane?

Healthlane simplifies how you understand, track and improve your health; equipping you
with access to worldclass health services that help you live longer and healthier. We are
fast, accessible and primarily concerned about You.

Pricing Made With You In

Access comprehensive healthcare without having to worry about the cost.
Healthlane has developed different affordable pricing plans with you in mind.

Premium Health Check

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₦35,000 NG
50,000 FCFACM

Metabolic Health (Heart, Kidney...)

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₦70,000 NG
75,000 FCFACM

Comprehensive Health Pack

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₦165,000 NG
250,000 FCFACM

Men's Health Pack

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₦105,000 NG
155,000 FCFACM

Women's Health Pack

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₦105,000 NG
155,000 FCFACM

Have Health Insurance? We Partnered With Top Insurance Companies

We have also made sure that no matter what your coverage is, there’s a Healthlane plan for you.

Backed By Top Global

Our mission is backed and supported by global visionary companies who believe in
the future we are creating and are helping to facilitate it.

“Had the best experience ever at Healthlane. 78 tests covering vitals, blood etc. And a perfectly personalized healthcare based on the data. Everything happened in under 2 hours! Literally better than any other diagnostics in Lagos.”

Nadayar Enegesi

“Great experience checking out my vitals and learning about my body at Healthlane. Highly Recommended.”

Bosun Tijani

“I love what Healthlane is doing. Bringing cutting edge technology to health in Cameroon and Nigeria.”

Rebecca Enonchong

Democratizing Access To
World-Class Care

With operations set up in the following locations and
rapid expansion plans, we are bringing world-class
preventive healthcare right to your corridor.







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